[aprssig] I-80 Ohio/IN and D710 objects

Jesse (KC5LOS) kc5los at yahoo.com
Tue May 27 16:19:44 CDT 2008

Well, some think they have the format.. I have 2 Digis in my area and 
both had the btext setup for the local repeaters to each Digi. One would 
tune fine the other would not. I found that the PL setting in btext was 
off by a space on the second repeater when I fixed everything tuned.

So, there is some tweaking to do and I have tried to help a few across 
the state setup their formats right, but not many D710s to test with 
till someone complains the setting isn't right or its not tuning.

Rich Garcia wrote:
> I got to agree, a lot of wild ideas out there, some of them I do not believe
> usefull and some are, this is one of them.
> Drove 1200 miles the weekend before last with the D710 and testing out the
> new firmware. A lot of objects out there, some would tune but most would
> not. Some would key up but most would not so it was either a "paper
> repeater" or the object did not include the proper, if any, tone code.
> Over the entire trip I managed to have 2 QSO's both on repeaters that I was
> aware of and pre-programed into the radio while my wife was driving earlyer
> in the morning.
> When it comes to repeater objects that can be probably the MOST useful thing
> for visiting travelers but if it's a bogus repeater or not configured
> correctly to use the TUNE feature don't even bother. I for one am not going
> to be hunting down non-standard offsets or one of 32 PL tones while driving.
> CTCSS decode is a nice feature but I find that most repeaters recently are
> now blocking the input tone on the output. Shame..another useful feature out
> the window and a nice feature to enable if you drive in an intermod plagued
> area.
> About 6 weeks ago I did a SC to NY/NJ run along the western portions of VA
> and MD. I saw a lot of repeater objects but most of them were showing up to
> 200 miles away. During various parts of the trip I also heard a lot of
> packets in some areas but was not digi'ed and the positions that I did
> receive I could not figure out what alias the digi used. Dangerous work to
> figure this out on a Kenwood while you are driving and unless you pull over
> to figure it out by the time you do chances are you have left or will be
> leaving the coverage area soon and need to hunt down the alias of the next
> digi you reach. The two areas I remember right now that were difficult were
> Blacksburg VA and Reading/Harrisburg PA. In the Blacksburg area one thing
> that I noticed was one a few stations had a SUPER long TXDELAY, think one of
> them had TXDIDDLE ON, probably a AEA TNC since I think only AEA had that
> feature. It created for a really high traffic load for very little actual
> traffic.

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