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[aprssig] I-80 PA/OH/IN shopping list

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue May 27 22:39:55 UTC 2008

Here is a shoping list for Northern Ohio, Indiana, and WPA.
Please do not take offense.... just some things I noticed that
might be improved to help the traveler... Also, these are scrap
notes on a toll receipt and I could be completely wrong on
interpreting my chicken scratches I made while driving...

K8UI     is transmitting ID packets (HID should be off)
K8TIH    N digi, still claims to be only W-R-T
K9ZIP-15 No S or New-N info
KB8O-5   shows S but no New-N info
KC8NWA-3 no New-N info.
KV3B-1   no New-N info, nor 146.955 object?
N3SH-2   shows no new-N capabilities
N0VLR-2  shows no New-N capabilities
N3YJ-1   does not use new FREQ format
VE3KLR   should be a S overlay?  Also spell out W2,SONTn-N?
W3PIE-3  can upgrade voice repeater from status to Object.
W8MAI-15 shows N and no New-N info
W8STO-1  typo PGH instead of PHG making it unparseable
WB8NLS-1 could use FREQ format for 444.925MHz T103 RXXm
WB8NLS   shows no New-N info
WR8RA    shows N and no New-N info
WX3SKY-1 shows no New-N info

New-N info means:
1) Having an S overlay showing it is fully New-N
2) Having "W2, SSn-N ..."  (or W3 in some very remote areas)
3) Smart beacons (local 10m, 1 hop 30m, 2 hops hourly)
4) Having a LOCAL (direct) FREQ obj in its Btext every 10m

For help in formatting for New-N look at:

And for help with the frequency format see:

And it looks like we need someone to sign up to be the Indiana

Just like cell phone towers.  We need the interstates covered
solid.  That's where we cover the most travelers for the least

Thanks.  Again, no offense, just observations.


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