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[aprssig] Request for Tier 2 Servers

dick at kb7zva.com dick at kb7zva.com
Wed May 28 01:29:20 UTC 2008

The Tier 2 network has grown to 44 servers world-wide. This past holiday weekend
T2 hit almost 2000 (1994, actual) clients which represent over 30,000+ end-users 
on APRS. APRS and the APRS Internet Service continues to grow, and we need

We are looking for candidates to represent Tier 2 by providing servers in areas
that aren't covered on the APRS-IS network. 


All T2 servers use javAPRSSrvr which can be operated on most any computer
operating system. javAPRSSrvr is the brain-child of Pete Lovell, AE5PL The
current APRS-IS network consists of 3 core hub servers galvanized by 44 Tier 2 
and multiple lower servers which also may act as IGates.

Current servers and status:

If you think you would like to join T2 or have questions to see if your resources
qualify, please contact me direct: dick at kb7zva dot com

Dick Stanich, KB7ZVA
APRSWest - Tier 2 Networks

Phil Pacier, AD6NH
Tier 2 Operations Coordinator

Gerhard Elze, F5VAG
Tier 2 Statistical Analysis 

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