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[aprssig] I-80 PA/OH/IN shopping list

Joseph M. Durnal joseph.durnal at gmail.com
Wed May 28 02:01:08 UTC 2008

Thanks Bob - I'll see who I can get in touch with regarding KV3B-1.  I
work right across the street from it :) - not that that means much.

73 de Joseph Durnal NE3R

On Tue, May 27, 2008 at 6:39 PM, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:
> Here is a shoping list for Northern Ohio, Indiana, and WPA.
> Please do not take offense.... just some things I noticed that
> might be improved to help the traveler... Also, these are scrap
> notes on a toll receipt and I could be completely wrong on
> interpreting my chicken scratches I made while driving...
> K8UI     is transmitting ID packets (HID should be off)
> K8TIH    N digi, still claims to be only W-R-T
> K9ZIP-15 No S or New-N info
> KB8O-5   shows S but no New-N info
> KC8NWA-3 no New-N info.
> KV3B-1   no New-N info, nor 146.955 object?
> N3SH-2   shows no new-N capabilities
> N0VLR-2  shows no New-N capabilities
> N3YJ-1   does not use new FREQ format
> VE3KLR   should be a S overlay?  Also spell out W2,SONTn-N?
> W3PIE-3  can upgrade voice repeater from status to Object.
> W8MAI-15 shows N and no New-N info
> W8STO-1  typo PGH instead of PHG making it unparseable
> WB8NLS-1 could use FREQ format for 444.925MHz T103 RXXm
> WB8NLS   shows no New-N info
> WR8RA    shows N and no New-N info
> WX3SKY-1 shows no New-N info
> New-N info means:
> 1) Having an S overlay showing it is fully New-N
> 2) Having "W2, SSn-N ..."  (or W3 in some very remote areas)
> 3) Smart beacons (local 10m, 1 hop 30m, 2 hops hourly)
> 4) Having a LOCAL (direct) FREQ obj in its Btext every 10m
> For help in formatting for New-N look at:
> http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/aprs/fix14439.html
> And for help with the frequency format see:
> http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/aprs/fix14439.html
> And it looks like we need someone to sign up to be the Indiana
> coordinator:
> http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/aprs/aprs-arrl-coords.txt
> Just like cell phone towers.  We need the interstates covered
> solid.  That's where we cover the most travelers for the least
> investment.
> Thanks.  Again, no offense, just observations.
> Bob, WB4APR
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