[aprssig] I-80 Ohio/IN and D710 objects

Jesse (KC5LOS) kc5los at yahoo.com
Wed May 28 09:52:54 CDT 2008

Chris, you are correct as it aids the mobile community that has a 
display. but its not limited to the D710/700/7a users. I know a few that 
run laptops connected to a TNC that run UI-View/WinAPRS and some that 
run Xastir on a mobile/laptop computer. Also, with the Tracker2 units it 
has the ability to relay back to a Garmin/Nuvi. Then you have the AvMap 
users also.

One thing that we brought up a few weeks ago locally during a Hurex 
Drill was the fact that I came in, brought a small laptop with a TNC and 
within 10 mins of the drill I had locations of the my local repeaters 
and points of intrest of the area. I also had statuses of the IRLPs in 
the area and where they were connected. I also had the "local" winlink 
info as well. Granted I had this as a mobile user as well while 
traveling to the Drill but the info was there.

Just the extra stuff not published in your repeater directory.... AND I 
also carry a directory as well. Just in case! Even though its 10 years old.

Most are setting up objects of the local repeaters that are the most 
active. Atleast from areas that I have seen. I have also come across 
repeaters out in the middle of nowhere that unless I mapped my route I 
would have never known they were there because of the Beacon on APRS.

Just a few thoughts.....


Greenhalgh, Christopher K. wrote:

> I got it...so this aids APRS (display) radios only. I'm curious...with
> all this talk about keeping transmissions short, I wonder how the scale
> of benefit-to-bandwidth would read...at least in my area.
> I'm in Columbus, Ohio, and know just about all the local users, and not
> one has an APRS radio, however, I do see mobile stations "passing
> through" on I-70, but cant confirm what radio they are using.
> When I'm on the road, I always carried a pocket repeater directory...it
> has served me fine over the years.  :)
> Just some thoughts...
> ...73, Chris.
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