[aprssig] How About 40M APRS ?

Dave Baxter Dave at emv.co.uk
Wed May 28 10:38:02 CDT 2008


FYI..   We have some limitations this side of the pond in regards to


10 MHz (30m) Neccesary UK Usage Bandwidth
10,100-10,140 kHz 200 Hz Telegraphy (CW)
10,116 kHz - QRP (low power) Centre of Activity
10.140-10.150 500 Hz Narrow band modes

Automatically controlled data stations (unattended) should avoid the use
of the 10 MHz band

The 10 MHz band is allocated to the Amateur Service only on a Secondary
basis. The IARU has agreed that only CW and other narrow bandwidth modes
are to be used on this band.

Likewise the band is not to be used for contests and bulletins.

SSB may be used on the 10 MHz band during emergencies involving the
immediate safety of life and property, and only by stations actually
involved with the handling of emergency traffic.

The band segment 10,120-10,140 kHz may only be used for SSB
transmissions in the area of Africa south of the equator during local
daylight hours.

LICENCE NOTES: Amateur Service - Secondary User 


This is from our bandplan recomendations.    Interesting comments about
the African use...   Sadly, you can sometimes hear english speaking
voices using the band, and not identifying themselves..  The operating
style akin to CB, I've heard them a couple of times over the last few
years, usualy weak signals, S2 or S3..

In regards to 40m, the recomendation is not to use "Digi Modes" above
7.100.   Have to say I didn't know that!...   Probably as we only have
the top 100k as secondary users, subject to non-interferenct to other
users, inside or outside the UK.

There is also mention of "automatically controlled data stations"
working between 7.040 and 7.043.

Quite how that fit's in with plans arround the globe, I haven't the

The file date I got this from, is dated June last year, though much of
it is dated 2006 in the document.


Dave G0WBX.

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> Richard KE7XO wrote...
> > I routinely will have zs stations showing up in the 'heard' 
> list here 
> > in Las Vegas, NV... besides hearing a dozen or so US 
> stations daily...  
> > all on 30m
> I would think that 80M, 40M and 30M would be the prime 
> candidates for HF APRS. It's in the back of my mind to set 
> something up on HF when I can. 30M would have my vote.
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