[aprssig] Dayton, Voice Alert, Ohio and WV.

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu May 29 13:51:37 CDT 2008

>> So either everyone turned off voice alert..., 
>> or we just are not getting the word out about how 
>> valuable this APRS feature is.
> OR .. you *are* getting the word out .. 
> and people don't care about it.... not everyone 
> has the same outlook on ham radio as you...

I know, but I still cannot understand why the majority of APRS
hams would waste a perfectly good receiver, permanently in their
car, tuned to a national calling channel, with automatic
proximity detector... by setting the volume to OFF..

Instead of:

Also, now we have heard a Columbus Ohio station note that the
majority of APRS mobiles in his city don't even have APRS
receivers (data or voice) or any APRS displays either... They
just broadcast their position... As if anyone really cares where
they are...

Whereas in the DC/Baltimore area, 88% of all mobiles are

Like you say, I guess I have a different outlook. HAM radio for
actual two-way communications.. 

Even trackers can operate two-way and be called:

Oh well.


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