[aprssig] future positioning parameters - geohash

Tapio Sokura oh2kku at iki.fi
Thu May 29 18:42:58 CDT 2008

Chris Kantarjiev wrote:
> For anyone that has time to contemplate alternate position notation 
> systems for APRS, it might be interesting to look at geohashes:

Sure that's one way of coding a lat/lon pair and pretty compact as well. 
But do we really have use for yet another method? We have this thing 
called Maidenhead, which has arbitrary precision and can be made less 
precise by chopping off characters from the end. Ok, it has significant 
"steps" in the precision available, but so does the geohash system. And 
it's a bit longer.. but familiar.

Oh yeah and about APRS, we already have at least five different methods 
of encoding lat/lon.. (normal, mic-e, compressed, maidenhead, several 
nmea sentence types). So I guess it wouldn't hurt the system to add a 
few more :)

   Tapio (kp20gb02nl) <-- ~20 meter resolution

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