[aprssig] Re: Dayton, Voice Alert, Ohio and WV.

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri May 30 16:36:07 CDT 2008

> Bob: this list is witness to (your and other)
> many attempts to train APRS mobile users and 
> digis as to your concept of operations, with 
> which I agree.
> Consider a checklist...

Bingo.  I realised that in 16 years of APRS, I don't think I
have ever written anything for QST to show what APRS really is.
So a few months ago, I finally finished an article I have been
writing on and off for about 14 years.. (grin)...

Now I finally got it accepted and they think it will be in the
Septermber issue.  I had submitted it a few years ago with a
title something like "Getting the most from your D700"...  But
they rejected it as being rig-specific.  It had to be more
general.  So my latest version is titled "Maximizing the Mobile
Mission"... And includes trackers, hamhuds, etc

I wish I had written it years ago..  Bob, WB4APR

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