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[aprssig] Kenwood TH-D7A(G) Retired

Bernard Tyers ei8fdb at ei8fdb.org
Mon Oct 13 08:07:39 UTC 2008

On 13 Oct 2008, at 07:29, Arno Verhoeven (PE1ICQ) wrote:

> and believe it or not... China has come up with their own set of RoHS
> requirements.
> http://www.chinarohs.com/

"It's not Just Another RoHS. It's CHINA RoHS!"

This is a joke? Yes? I wonder if they will have a RoHS rating for  
Bindeez beads..

I, for one, am glad that the EU (one of the good things they have done  
recently) are removing Pb from solder. The one time I had to get  
myself near a large scale soldering/manufacturing station it wasn't  
pleasant. And I was there only for a few weeks.

Now, if we can make some head way on other poisonous chemicals  
(mercury, PVCs, flame retardents) it would be even better.

regards and 73,
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