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[aprssig] MIC-E Kit

Sam Guccione gucci1 at mchsi.com
Sat Oct 18 03:16:34 UTC 2008

Does the production version of the Mic-E support the new WIDEn-N paradigm? I
would think that it does not. Is there an upgrade to bring it up to the
latest paradigm? I have two assembled units that I would like to use or
maybe they are just trash at this point.

Sam K3BY

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You might want to say which Mic-E. There was an original from Bob and
two from TAPE. The TAPR units were a semi-open beta test (silver case,
narrow and deep), and the production model (black, wide and shallow).

If you bought the GPS from TAPR you might want to say which it was as
well. There were two units commonly sold with the Mic-E's. The Garmin
GPS 20 was a single channel board and the GPS 2S was a multi-channel
board (6, 8, 12? I forget) with much better performance. A  few
Motorola GPS boards also went out with the Mic-E, though because they
were more expensive most Motorolas went out with the time and
differential GPS projects where they were required.

Lots of nostalgia running around the sig lately ;-)

Steve K4HG

On Oct 16, 2008, at 5:41 PM, WB6ONW at aol.com wrote:

> I have an UNassembled MIC-E kit with the GPS add on. Original cost
> $300.00.
> $100.00 ought to be a fair price. Hope somebody can use it as been
> in my closet almost ten years.
> Tnx, John WB6ONW
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