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[aprssig] email

Kai Gunter Brandt kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Mon Sep 1 14:20:44 UTC 2008

Jim Danforth skrev:
> Sorry for the double post.  Didn't mean to reply to the other message.
> I'm about to get deployed to the hurricane zone with my disaster relief
> crew.  I've never mastered the email via aprs thing, so if anyone can point
> me to a tutorial, I would really like to make it work before leaving.  I
> will be taking a D7 with me, and possibly a D700, though it would require
> removal from my truck ,and temp install in a rental, and stuffing in a
> suitcase to come home.  That prospect doesn't excite me. I would rather take
> my tape measure beam than to take the d700.
> JimD

javaaprssrv have an e-mail gateway if the user has enabled this.

Usually you have to send a message to EMAIL
The message has to start with an e-mail address followed by a "space" 
and then a short text.

Some stations enable the possibility to send from e-mail to an APRS 
station but you have to "register" before this service are available. 
(to prevent non hams using this)

The manual can be found at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/javaprssrvr

The format is the same as for "EMAIL" but you can create shortcut lists 
so that i can use i.e "LA1xxx this is a test" instead of 
"la1xxx at someplace.net this is a test"

I have been trying winlink but with very few messages going trough but 
this is probably because thers no winlink node for miles around my area. 
There is one nice functions using the winlink and that is you can send a 
message with more than one line.

Kai Gunter

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