[aprssig] Internet to RF gating of positions

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Mon Sep 1 20:09:27 CDT 2008

Scott Miller wrote:
> I had an idea to create a Geocaching gateway - you'd just send a message 
> to CACHE and it would respond by sending (as stations, in case objects 
> aren't gated) positions for the nearest few (non-virtual) caches,

	Make 'em non-MICRO, too!  I HATE micros!!!

> :GCK7X7   :Eagle Reef Scuba Cache D4/T5/R

	GSAK already has an export format similar, that might be the format to use?

> The other difficulty is getting access to the Geocaching API to do the 
> queries in the first place.  I'm looking into that, though.

	Hadn't thought about that, but looking forward to hearing how it goes!

	7 3

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