[aprssig] editable Tactical callsign labels with Google?

Jim Danforth KE5OKT at mounds.org
Tue Sep 2 10:38:47 CDT 2008

Hmm. That's a thought.  My son is a licensed ham also, so we may just need
to have him pass messages on my uiview terminal here.  Since the hurricane
weakened, I may not be going.   But I still want to work out the details.

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Jim Danforth wrote:
> I'm about to get deployed to the hurricane zone with my disaster relief
> crew.  I've never mastered the email via aprs thing, so if anyone can
> me to a tutorial, I would really like to make it work before leaving.  I
> will be taking a D7 with me, and possibly a D700, though it would require
> removal from my truck ,and temp install in a rental, and stuffing in a
> suitcase to come home.  That prospect doesn't excite me. I would rather
> my tape measure beam than to take the d700.
> JimD

	In the past, I've simply had my family look at my position on Findu
read the status, and I put info in the status as to where I was headed, 
when I'd be home, etc.

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