[aprssig] Internet to RF gating of positions

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Sep 2 17:02:22 CDT 2008

>> 1) Maybe we can trick the local Igate into 
>> sending a "courtesy" posit. 
> This is what I was going for - a message containing 
> the cache name and such, followed by its position.  
> I just don't know what the expected behavior of 
> the courtesy position is.  Does it take the last known 
> position, or wait for a new packet?

It seems to be up to the APRS client, and who knows how each one
of them implemented it. And these are only sent once.  If there
is a collision, you will never see it.  So that is why I
completely abandoned them as a reliable means of "showing
someone something"...

Hence the idea for the new ITEM-IN-MESSAGE format.


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