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[aprssig] Messaging on the NUVI GPS

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed Sep 3 16:08:57 UTC 2008

If you want to keep the functionality of the D710, then the Tracker2 
probably isn't what you want.

I should have my first batch of protocol translator boards in this week, 
I think.  Cables are still in the works, but I'll make a few beta test 
units to try out with the D710.  It won't do messaging with the D710, 
but it'll at least let you use the nuvi to get your own position and to 
plot other stations.


Jesse (KC5LOS) wrote:
> The size is what makes the Nuvi! I looked at the AvMap and its just too 
> darn big. I looked at the Nokia and its almost the same size as the 
> AvMap. Plus really no way to mount it. I have a Ramline 560 in the truck 
> but no place to put it either. But its mounted in the back since I use 
> it for work. I use it to load my GPS systems in the field so I had to 
> have it with me. Just not able to to put a laptop in the front with all 
> the center console and  HF radio in the way. I even tried a laptop mount 
> and I couldn't accommodate a passenger in the front. I happen to come 
> across the Nuvi which fit my bill as it mounts on the windsheild plus it 
> is functional in my work. I just happen to come across the T2 by Scott 
> and things just got better. But, i haven't been brave enough to buy one 
> yet as I am not sure how it'll work with the D710 in APRS mode. Still 
> browsing the manual. If it will connect and use the setup like UI-View 
> then all problems solved. I like to keep the APRS functionality of the D710.
> Jeff N0JUH wrote:
>>> And as for the nuvi, the alternative would be to go with a small touch 
>>> screen PC, which isn't cheap, and you'd have a hard time getting it to 
>>> match the nuvi for plain old navigation use.
>> I'm not knocking the Nuvi approach - I think it's a brilliant adaptation 
>> of existing technology.  But it's a dead end if you need anything except 
>> its fixed feature set.
>> I picked up a Nokia 770 on ebay for $70.  Very powerful linux-based 
>> system.  Could run an xastir-size program with no problems. Has a nice 
>> GIS-enabled google-maps type of app (MaemoMapper using open streets.) 
>> Has touch screen, usb and bluetooth.
>> You can pick up an older tablet pc for $300-$400. Some people pay that 
>> much for a dedicated APRS device.
>> I guess I need to get off my rear and develop the killer "mobile 
>> software APRS on commodity hardware" app :)
>>    --Jeff n0juh
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