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[aprssig] [SPAM] Re: Messaging on the NUVI GPS

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed Sep 3 18:45:03 UTC 2008

> Are you using the 2.5mm jack connector for this?


> If yes is it possible to use the "PS2" jack from the TNC on the 710 so 
> that you can use the NUVI to send messages?

Maybe.  I don't actually have a D710 myself.. not yet, anyway.  I'm not 
really clear on what can be done through the other connectors.  Is there 
a way to get it to send a message through the serial interface?

> Tracker2 is overkill if you are using a 710 ;o) So a smal translator 
> board interfacing the 710 with one PS2 connector and one 2.5mm

Well, it's not going to be on this first version at least.  The board is 
really small..  I had to go with a QFN package to get the MCU to fit. 
That's going to be fun to solder for the first few prototypes.


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