[aprssig] [SPAM] Re: Messaging on the NUVI GPS

Kai Gunter Brandt kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Wed Sep 3 14:41:55 CDT 2008

Scott Miller skrev:
>> Are you using the 2.5mm jack connector for this?
> Yes.
>> If yes is it possible to use the "PS2" jack from the TNC on the 710 so 
>> that you can use the NUVI to send messages?
> Maybe.  I don't actually have a D710 myself.. not yet, anyway.  I'm not 
> really clear on what can be done through the other connectors.  Is there 
> a way to get it to send a message through the serial interface?

When the 710 is in APRS mode you can get all the data from the TNC on 
this PS2 connector as long as you enable menu 604 "COM PORT OUTPUT: ON"

And yes it's possible to send messages from the 710 via the same 
connector even when the radio is in APRS mode.

I have made a program doing this. The 710 is working in APRS mode and i 
can choose to enter messages via the radio or from my program.

>> Tracker2 is overkill if you are using a 710 ;o) So a smal translator 
>> board interfacing the 710 with one PS2 connector and one 2.5mm
> Well, it's not going to be on this first version at least.  The board is 
> really small..  I had to go with a QFN package to get the MCU to fit. 
> That's going to be fun to solder for the first few prototypes.

i'm just fishing here ;o) but i take it that this is possible so maybe 
maybe after all other projects you have :o)

Kai Gunter

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