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[aprssig] [SPAM] Re: Messaging on the NUVI GPS

Kai Gunter Brandt kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Wed Sep 3 19:44:35 UTC 2008

Stephen H. Smith skrev:
> Kai Gunter Brandt wrote:
>> Are you using the 2.5mm jack connector for this?
>> If yes is it possible to use the "PS2" jack from the TNC on the 710 so 
>> that you can use the NUVI to send messages?
> RE the "PS/2" jack a.k.a. 6-pin Mini-DIN      NO!
> Like all radios featuring the 6-pin Mini-DIN "packet" or "data" 
> connector, this jack IS NOT connected to the TNC and DOES NOT carry any 
> data.  It is merely an AUDIO connection carrying two forms of RX audio, 
> TX audio, push-to-talk TX keying and RX squelch indicator.   To use this 
> connector to receive or send packet data, you must connect some sort of 
> external TNC (Tracker 2, KPC3, TinyTrak4, or PC soundcard interface) to 
> this jack. 

The TM-D710 is the different ;o)
I do not have to connect a external TNC using this port on my 710 
because this is the TNC port.

I can connect a external TNC to the PS2 DATA port on the radio unit.
The PS2 connector on the display unit is a complete TNC interface.

Kai Gunter

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