[aprssig] Messaging on the NUVI GPS/tm-d710

Kai Gunter Brandt kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Wed Sep 3 15:39:31 CDT 2008

Wes Johnston skrev:
> So the mini-din has two modes?  RS232 mode and audio interface mode? 
> Selectable by menu item 604?  Indeed interesting!

No the radio unit has the DATA connector for external TNC (audio in/out etc)
The display unit is a TNC connector. But when the COM PORT OUTPUT is on 
you can receive the decoded data as if you used "mon on". You can also 
"talk" to the TNC when the radio is in APRS mode.
> And when 604 is ON, you can talk to the TNC with an attached PC or ham hud? 
> Just clarifying.
> Wes

Yes you can talk to the TNC when in APRS mode.
Or you can use it as a TNC only mode without the APRS data in the display.

Kai Gunter

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