[aprssig] Messaging on the NUVI GPS

Wes Johnston wes at ai4px.com
Wed Sep 3 16:02:41 CDT 2008

Bob, my 276c used to do this, and the "cute" factor wore off in about 2 
days.  With a D700 pushing waypoints into the GPS and each of those 
waypoints having a square dot as an icon, it's easy to delete all by symbol. 
But Scott's device will use the correct symbol, so you have to delete all by 
symbol 100 times.  Now I'm not sure if the nuvi will allow you to select a 
group of waypoints (like you press shift and click in windows), but that 
would be handy.

What would REALLY be nice would be if some host processor could keep track 
of the creation date of the waypoints and purge them after say, 80 minutes. 
Then the track feature would be great!  Maybe Scott's device could run a 
cleanup routine every 10 minutes?  Perhaps pulling all waypoints from the 
GPS and creating a list of waypoints eligible to be deleted, then deleting 
them automaticaly?  I wonder if there's some free form text or other 
property attached to waypoints that Scott could use to tag waypoints created 
by the T2 and thereby do housekeeping?  I wouldn't want the housekeeping to 
delete all the Krispie Kreme's I've marked by hand.

Speaking of Krispie Kreme... has anyone tied an aprs beacon in to the "hot 
and fresh" neon sign?


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>> Scott, were you able to overcome the issue
>> where the Nuvi creates a new waypoint every
>> time it receives a position report, vs.
>> updating existing waypoints?
> When I first heard of this problem, I thought it was a show
> stopper...  But then realize, that it is actually a nice
> feature... It lets you see someone's track history!
> And in my use of my mobile APRS display GPS, I am only usually
> intererested in the here-and-now, and not all the past 500 old
> stagnat stations and objects on my GPS map.  In fact, I'd like
> to start each trip with a clean slate and clean map so the only
> calls on there are the ones I am hearing NOW, not that I have
> accumulated over weeks (all mobiles being in the WRONG place
> now).
> So actually, I can see the NUVI even with this "problem" as
> being a perfect match for my tastes, and I just clear all APRS
> waypoints each time I begin a trip...  This makes APRS the
> real-time system I want, not a bunch of dead-dogs on the
> highway...
> Scott, is there an easy way to clear all "APRS waypoints" witout
> clearing any manually entered waypoints?
> Thanks
> Bob, WB4APR
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