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[aprssig] findU server move

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Thu Sep 4 00:17:47 UTC 2008

findU's primary server will be moving early next week. There server  
will be pulled Monday sometime and should be up midday Tuesday if  
things go as planned. If something goes wrong, it may be a few days,  
it looks like Ike may force an evacuation of the Keys, so my attention  
may be elsewhere.

All services will be moved to the other server over the next few days.  
Pages may load a little slower than usual, but almost everything  
should work. The thing which definitely will not work will be emailing  
of position reports. This is used by few people, if you are one I'm  
sorry, but the academic host site for the backup machine does not  
allow income email to the server.

If you notice anything not working from this point on, please let me  
know ASAP. There are a lot of things running on the findU server, and  
I may forget something.

Thanks for your patience.

Finally, I am collecting funds to pay for the move, next year's  
hosting, and hardware costs, see


Steve K4HG

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