[aprssig] [SPAM] Re: Messaging on the NUVI GPS

Kai Gunter Brandt kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Thu Sep 4 10:52:03 CDT 2008

Scott Miller skrev:
>> I have made a program connecting to the display unit on the TM-D710 
>> enabling me to send/receiver messages from the PC even if the radio is 
>> in APRS mode.
> Got any source code to share?  Guess maybe I'll have to get myself a 
> D710 one of these days to play with.

I made a little program just to test the idea.

When the 710 is in APRS mode you can get the received data from the 
display unit similar to the GPS data you can get from the GPS port.

This way you can use the 710 in APRS mode and use i.e UI-View to display 
the stations etc. But you have to send messages from the radio if you 
are using this setup.

If you are monitoring this output when the radio sends a beacon you can 
see that the TNC enters the cmd: mode
And now it enters the beacon text before it goes back to "monitor" mode.

And this was the trigger that started me testing if it was possible to 
send messages via software when it's in APRS mode.

There are some known bugs:
I have not done the correct procedure to enter the cmd: mode as i'm not 
waiting for a confirmation for this.
And thers a timing issue talking to the rs232.
I'm working with a mic-e decoder so that this program can send data to 
ozi-explorer as the maps here are much better than ui-view.

The program and proof of consept ;o) can be found at http://la3qma.aprs.la

It's called "TM-D710 to UI-View/OziExplorer"

Kai Gunter

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