[aprssig] Traffic Objects (new subject)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Sep 4 11:10:22 CDT 2008

>>> Maybe I am missing something, but if you are designing this
>>> RF, then there should be no problems at all.
>> It doesn't make any sense to design this for RF. 
>> I can run, on one computer, a service that covers 
>> 50 or more US metros that provide the same basic data. 
>> I want to inject the objects into the APRS-IS and 
>> have them IGATEd to the appropriate area, and
>> only the appropriate area.

That would be great, but like you discovered, wont work via the
present system without specific local IGATE sysop intervention.
I'd prefer to see a local RF application that can be setup, run,
managed, by a local in the area who has the best knowledge of
the local area and needs for traffic info.

By doing this local tailoring the hams in the area get more of
what is needed and less spam.  And the path of each packet for
each traffic report can get a dedicated VIA DIGIx path to put it
right where it needs to go.

I would think that most of the work for a central client, versus
a client that can be set up in each area is about the same,
then only the local SYSOP has to adapt the details to his area?


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