[aprssig] Messaging on the NUVI GPS

Jeff N0JUH jefflists08 at corrt.com
Fri Sep 5 10:34:32 CDT 2008

But the fujistu stylistic is just windows 98 computer - isn't that about 
as "large numbers of ready-to-use, standard devices" as you can get?

Your nightmare "how-to" scenario is exactly why I am arguing FOR 
software-based solutions :)

   --Jeff n0juh

Scott Miller wrote:
> Ok, here's my problem with this sort of solution.  If you want to build 
> one or two for yourself and don't mind putting a lot of work into a 
> one-off, it can be just fine.
> But when there aren't large numbers of ready-to-use, standard devices, 
> equipping larger groups and sharing your work with others is difficult. 
>   You wind up with a how-to that usually goes something like "get x 
> model of y device, make sure it's not version z or later because they 
> changed the board layout, cut a hole here and breadboard a MAX232 and 
> wire it to the pads here.  Get a compactflash reader and mount a card on 
> a Linux box and load this image, find the updated device drivers for xyz 
> (not available here due to copyright restrictions), download Xastir and 
> apply patch abc..."
> Don't get me wrong, I love trolling eBay for deals on hardware and 
> putting it to good use, but sometimes it's just not the right solution.
> "Semi-custom" solutions are hard to do right.  Ask anyone who's worked 
> for the Air Force in the last 10 years who's had to use the Defense 
> Messaging System (or, God forbid, install a DMS server) about just how 
> ugly that can get.  (Bonus points if anyone can find a copy of the 
> cartoon from Federal Computer Week showing passengers being offloaded 
> from a covered wagon marked AUTODIN and climbing on to the DMS bus, up 
> on jacks and with a mechanic still working on the engine.)
> Scott
> N1VG
> joe at dellabarba.com wrote:
>> http://cgi.ebay.com/Fujitsu-Stylistic-LT-500-Tablet-PC-Laptop-Computer-GPS_W0QQitemZ250289163392QQihZ015QQcategoryZ177QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem 
>> Why not just get something like this? 
>> 73 
>> Joe N3HGB
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