[aprssig] TMD-710 and the VGS-1

Kai Gunter Brandt kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Mon Sep 8 14:08:49 CDT 2008

Steve Noskowicz skrev:
> A step backwards ??   Arrrg!

I think some people did't like the way the 700 was talking all the time...

>I don't know, and haven't fiddled with all the required settings for the D700, but the D700 does announce.  
 >Could it be that the D710 must be set to "MINE".
 >Have you gone through some of the settings and it still won't announce 
for APRS, Kai?

The "MINE" setings has nothing to do with the voicemodule only for the 
audio beeps.

"APRS VOICE" has to be ON and now it only announce the callsign and 
message if it starts with the "%"

Kai Gunter

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