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[aprssig] 144.39 mhz signal from my SONY 42" HDTV

k4rjj at bellsouth.net k4rjj at bellsouth.net
Tue Sep 9 20:02:40 UTC 2008

 Kent.  I happen to be here at work where we have Five 32" flat screen monitors.

I tuned to 144.390 on my Yaesu VX-150 and ran it by each.  No signal interference.  They are different brands and models with the oldest being 6 year old Plasma Sony units and the newest being Winbook and Sceptre.  

If you are still under warranty I'd get a tech out there.  They will try to pull Part 15 out on you but you hit back with Part 97.  What would they have to do if this was your neighbors set under warranty and you made an FCC complaint about it?  Last resort is to actually make that complaint yourself.

Sweep the set with a service monitor if you have one and note all the other frequencies it radiates.

Good luck
Ronny K4RJJ

  -------------- Original message from "Kent Hufford" <khufford at atlanticbb.net>: --------------

> When our 42" SONY HDTV is on, it puts out a signal on 144.39 so strong that
> two rooms away, I get a S7 signal on my 2m APRS ICOM 229 radio.
> Swept the TV with my D7. Signal is all over the TV, back, front, makes no
> difference. 
> The TV is hooked to a cable box. The cable box can stay on, and not receive
> the interference on the APRS freq. It's only when the TV is on, that I get
> the interference.
> I have tried different channels, different "formats" HD and Analog, etc,
> only way to stop the interference so far is turn the TV OFF.
> I have it plugged into a APC 500 UPS. I plug it into a wall socket, makes no
> difference. 
> I had the same setup before we moved 3 months ago, and no interference.
> Ideas? Other than give up TV or APRS... Or a new TV?
> Thanks,
> Kent
> khufford at atlanticbb.net 
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