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[aprssig] (Slightly OT) What is solar panel power output?

Mark Cheavens mcheavens at usa.net
Tue Sep 9 20:26:19 UTC 2008

Neither of those numbers tell us anything. You need to know the 
output in WATTS (or amps @ a given voltage).

Put a variable load (carbon pile) across the leads and measure the 
amp output @ 13volts while in direct sunlight. While you are doing 
that you can also measure the output at different angles (less than 
ideal) from direct sunlight. Most start to drop significantly @ about 
15degrees in any direction.

At 03:15 PM 9/9/2008, you wrote:
>I am getting closer to setting up my APRS weather and 6 meter 
>PropNET stations far enough from the house to make AC power 
>impractical.  I have three old solar panels (cost me about $100 used 
>15 years ago) that I want to put into service.  In full sunlight, 
>two of them in parallel put out  19.88v open circuit  and  4.78a 
>short circuit.  How does that translate to power available at 13.2v 
>nominal for running the rigs and charging the battery?
>-- 73 --
>J. Gary Bender, WS5N
>Fence Lake, New Mexico USA
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