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[aprssig] (Slightly OT) What is solar panel power output?

bob evinger wd9eka at evinger.com
Wed Sep 10 11:18:21 UTC 2008

Outback Power FX80. It is rated at 80 amps output. They also make an MX60, 
60 amps out.  they will take up to 140 volt open circuit string of like 
sized panels and step it down to 12/24/48/60 volt standard dc voltages. 
they are also programmable for odd output voltage as well.

These are the most expensive, I think I paid a little over 500 for my fx80 
but it makes up for the difference in panel quantity plus a little.

There are a couple of other manufacturers that make lower power versions 
of mppt controllers. Cant remember the power ratings, maybe 20-25 amps 
that are $200 dollar range. THe lower priced units dont have as many 
frills obviously.


On Wed, 10 Sep 2008, Dave Baxter wrote:

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> Sorry probably way more than most on here wanted to know.
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> Far from it!   Who's MPPT box did you use?
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>> actually those numbers tell a lot. Solar panels are current
>> sources. That amp rating is short ciruit current, and the
>> current it will provide into a battery with proper sized wire
>> should be slightly less.
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