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Tim Cunningham tim_cunningham at charter.net
Mon Sep 15 01:08:41 CDT 2008

I did this at a club meeting while demonstrating a D-700 with camera and 
projector several years ago. The camera and projector allowed all to see the 
D-700 display on the big screen. A gentleman in the room offered his pager 
address. The message was sent from the D-700 and his pager buzzed within 

It was very effective and there were many Wow's in the crowd.

It was almost effective as another night at the local EMA office. An 
announcement came into the center that a weather bulletin was about to be 
issued for the county. Within seconds of the buzzer, the APRS station in the 
next room had the weather bulletin on its display. In fact, I tell people at 
APRS Forums I present that they will get the weather bulletin on their APRS 
station before their weather radio even begins to speak the message. When 
the weather bulletin sounds my weather radio, I look at my APRS screen. The 
data is on the screen before any words come from the weather radio 
concerning the bulletin. This is a huge plus for mobile APRS information 
displays. Since we live in tornado alley here in North Alabama, weather 
information can be a critical piece of information for life and death 
situations that can pop up faster than popcorn with little warning.

Tim - N8DEU

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> Next time you give an APRS demo, consider this WOW idea.
> Ask if anyone in the audience has a blackberry or cell phone and can 
> receive Email.  Then use your D7 HT to send them an email.  If it works, 
> everyone will be amazed.  If it doesnt, then explain why it might not 
> (need more or better local  APRS network, More good igates etc...)'
> Remind them we have had this capability for over 10 years... in ham radio 
> why aren't we using it?
> Good luck.
> Bob, WB4APR

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