[aprssig] Free 2009 Data Updates for MS MapPoint and Streets & Trips

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Mon Sep 15 01:45:17 CDT 2008

Microsoft MapPoint is used as the map source for APRSpoint,  and can be 
used with UIview via the UIpoint plugin.

The 2009 editions of Microsoft MapPoint and Streets & Trips have now 
been (or are about to be) released.  [Not certain about the schedule for 
the  European versions of these two programs.]

The 2009 edition of these two programs now require Microsoft DotNet 2.0, 
and forcibly install Internet Explorer 7.0 as preliminary setups before 
the main install begins.  The main program features even more feature 
bloat such as voice command. 

However, if you have a previous version of one of these programs 
installed on your PC, you can use the mapping DATA files from the 2009 
edition to update your older version's maps without installing the 
highly invasive new version of the PROGRAM.  As in past years, the 
format of the MapPoint/Streets DATA files has remained the same as in 
previous versions.   You can copy the DATA from a 2009 edition of either 
of these two programs into the data folder of your older version, as far 
back as 2002, to update it.  Details on how to do this are on my website at:


You can purchase a 2009 edition of Streets for around USD $30 to update 
MapPoint (they use the identical files), or (at least for a limited 
time) do it for FREE!  

Microsoft is offering a downloadable free "trial" version of MapPoint 
2009.  This is a fully-functioning version of MapPoint 2009 that will 
work for 60 days before "self-destructing".  Go to the Microsoft website at:


However, unless you are using Internet Explorer, you will unable to 
click on the "Free 60-day Trial <javascript: void(0)>" button in the 
left column.  The button leads to this link which will work in any browser:


and download the free trial version.    WARNING! This is a 1.25GB file 
-- long download time!     The downloaded file, *MP_2009.EXE* , is 
actually a self-extracting, self-running RAR archive containing the 
contents of the MapPoint 2009 install DVD.   Running this file (i.e. 
double-clicking it) will install DotNet 2.0, Internet Explorer and the 
the crippled version of MapPoint 2009.    

Instead, open the file with the RAR archiving utility (a file 
compression utility similar to WinZip).  You can download a free trial 
version of WinRAR from:


Installing WinRAR will place the choice "Open with WinRAR" into the 
Windows File Explorer context menu when you right-click on the file.  
Once opened, navigate down the directory tree to:   
"*MapPoint/MSMap/PFiles/MSMap/Data*"  .  Extract 14 of the 15 files 
present in this folder (skip  *MovieThe.mdb  * ) to any convenient 
folder.    Exit WinRAR. 

Copy the extracted files into the \DATA folder underneath your main 
MapPoint or Streets & Trips folder.  You should get numerous prompts 
about "Do you want to overwrite file xxxxxxxxx with this version?"  Say 
yes to each one. Note that the data of each of the the proposed 
overwrites is newer than the existing file.      That's it!  You've just 
updated your previous MapPoint or Streets to the latest road data.   

As a check that the new data actually "took", check out the I-210 
freeway in the San Bernardino, CA area about 60 miles east of Los 
Angeles. In versions before 2009, the segment of the 210 between I-15 
and I-215 is not shown. Finally, in 2009 it does show. [This segment of 
the Foothill Fwy was completed and opened three years ago!]


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