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Jeff N0JUH jefflists08 at corrt.com
Mon Sep 15 00:27:37 CDT 2008

Thanks Herb.  I've used both EMAIL and APRSLink.  But I am talking about 
any kind of aprs message that goes through an Igate.

For example, I live two hops from the nearest Igate.  I tried and tried 
exchanging aprs messages with another ham across the country.  He would 
get my messages, and would reply - both messages would show up on findu 
- but I would never receive the messages on my rig.

That's when I found out about the Igate settings.  There is apparently a 
setting on most Igate software that says something like "only gate 
messages from internet to rf for stations within N hops."  My Igate 
operator had his set to the default of 1 hop - he increased it to 2 hops 
on my request, and now I can send AND RECEIVE aprs messages from all 
over the world.

So, that setting is really key for using aprs as a messaging tool from 
remote locations.  Keith VE7GDH explains more of the technical details 
on this in his reply to you.  It would be nice to have a tutorial on 
that so IGate ops could optimize their settings.

   -- Jeff, N0JUH

Herb Gerhardt wrote:
> Jeff,
> There are two methods of doing email on APRS.  The first is the normal EMAIL
> instead of the call in the APRS message window.  That allows you to send
> email messages into the internet but replies, I believe are restricted only
> to registered users of an APRS program.  Non-hams can not send you a reply
> via the APRS messaging system since it goes out over RF without a control
> operator and would violate the FCC requirements.
> The other way is to use the APRSLink system.  That allows you to send a
> message to any email address and also allows that person to reply to your
> email.  Non-hams can also send messages to hams, since the message goes into
> your mailbox and does not go our on RF until you command it to do so.  Since
> you have to command it to send the message out on RF, you are the control
> operator which meets the FCC requirements.
> The beauty of this APRSLink system is that if you put WLNK-1 in your status
> text, the APRSLink system will actually send you an APRS message informing
> you that you have a message in your WinLink mailbox.  You can learn about
> APRSLink at		http://www.winlink.org/aprslink
> The APRSLink system is the one I now use to send and receive email messages
> from my APRS radios.  It works very well for me in all of the areas I have
> tried it in.
> I am not aware of any special settings in an I-Gate to allow more hops to
> get to your location.  I run an I-Gate and have not made any special
> settings.  It is my understanding that an I-Gate will send the message out
> via the specified path by the originator.  Not sure what path setting
> APRSLink uses.  There are some of the fancy computer controlled I-Gates and
> digi's where the owner can program it to do whatever he pleases but I don't
> run one of those.  The other thing you need to be aware of is that an I-Gate
> is normally not to be set up to digi all stations heard on the internet to
> local RF.  It will only send out messages it hears on the internet to
> stations on RF after it has heard that particular station within RF range of
> the I-Gate.
> Hopefully that will help you a bit.
> Herb, KB7UVC
> NW APRS Group, West Sound Coordinator
> Our WEB Site:  http://www.nwaprs.info

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