[aprssig] Followup to 2009 Data Updates for MS MapPoint -- Good News For XE

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Wed Sep 17 08:48:20 CDT 2008

Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> Microsoft MapPoint is used as the map source for APRSpoint,  and can 
> be used with UIview via the UIpoint plugin.
> The 2009 editions of Microsoft MapPoint and Streets & Trips have now 
> been (or are about to be) released.  [Not certain about the schedule 
> for the  European versions of these two programs.]

After playing with the MapPoint 2009 data update for a few days, I have 
discovered that the 2009 edition data now covers


This not just some of the larger cities.  Even the smallest towns and 
villages now reveal full city street detail when you zoom in.  This 
significant upgrade isn't even mentioned on the Microsoft website for 
MapPoint 2009.  [The previous versions showed major highways only in 
Mexico, with no city street-level detail except in Mexico City.]

This means that XE hams using APRSpoint, or UIview with the UIpoint 
plug-in, can now have the same kind of highly-detailed fully scrollable, 
zoomable-to-street-level APRS mapping that we have had in the U.S. and 
Canada for years.    

Now the question is:  Has all this Mexican street detail been calibrated 
to WGS84 so it will work properly with GPS,  or is it referenced to some 
obscure datum from the 18th century colonial era???


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