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[aprssig] Tickets CAD Version 2.8 Beta is Available

Arnie Shore 3ashore at Comcast.net
Wed Sep 17 20:52:36 UTC 2008

Folks, it's available in the Files section of 

Also see the 'about_2_8_beta.txt' file for some information re its good 

(Yep, still free, still Open Source.  Always will be.)

In a nutshell:
1.  Lots of cleanup and removal of moderate-to-consequential uglies.
2.  Coordinate display format is user-selectable, between the three 
usual suspects.  You may change these at any time without affecting the 
database; only the display format is involved, not the stored data.
3.  You can click on a Position caption/link to see the position 
coordinates in the three forms.
4.  USNG coordinates shown for all position data.
5.  Tracks processing is much improved, and includes a track altitude 
graphic.  (Which will really thrill our Florida buddies, I'm sure.)
6.  Importantly, this release includes a revised data base schema, which 
should allow planned upgrades to be accomplished via patches rather than 
an install process.

Version 2.8 is being released as a complete install package, and needs 
an empty database per the install instructions file (See file 
INSTALL.txt in the Files section at above URL.)  Please let me know if 
you need/want to keep existing data and we'll work something out.

BTW, I gotta note the contributions of a number of you folks who've 
passed on ideas and - importantly - patience!  Guys like Matt, TJ 
Powell, Bill Lewis, and recently, Al Studt.  Thank you!

Arnie Shore
Annapolis, MD

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