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[aprssig] APRS Road Trip

Kevin Deckert kdeckert at telus.net
Fri Sep 19 12:43:42 UTC 2008

My D710 and my pathfinder recently made a road trip form central British 
Columbia, Down through Idaho ,Utah,Colorado,Wyoming, Montana, back into BC. 
6,200 kilometers
APRS was a lot f fun. I am from the mythical land where cell phone coverage 
does not work.
I was in what I thought where some remote locations along the way and yet my 
D710 told me my beacon was making a repeater. I used the email capacity 
several times to send mesages to family in england and in colorado. I gave 
my son the findu link so as I was nearing his house in boulder he was 
monitoring my progress on the internet.
When I drove down his street he and his wife where standing outside. It was 
proof to me of how well it works.
I am actually a real Tracker.  I physically follow the sign left by missing 
persons for search and rescue.
I demonstarted some simple abilities of APRS at a tracking class in 
colorado. It drew alot of attention.

    My intent for this message is to thank all those Digi peater operators 
and those who maintian remote sites in some challenging locations. It is 
they who make APRS an amazing tool.
Many listed repeater frequencies in thier beacons and this was very useful,
I met one APRS operator in montana  who was running UI View on an old 
highway patrol mobile.He saw me 'sneaking' up on him on the hightway.
What a fun way to travel..
Kevin Deckert, VE7WHK
Emergency Coordinator
Wells Gray Country ARES
kdeckert at telus.net

Journeyman Tracker

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