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[aprssig] Universal CQ on APRS?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Sep 19 20:46:14 UTC 2008

> a ham radio exhibit including APRS.... 
> please send us a message. using NY3J-9. 

Maybe we need to encourage the more general use of Pete's CQSRVR
all the time for helping APRS demos make contact.  Normally his
CQSRVR is used for CQ JOTA, CQ SCOUTS, CQ IIOTA, CQ FD, and so
forth, but
maybe it will also work for just "CQ CQ CQ"...!

It should work maybe.  This way, anyone, any time, anywyere that
wants to work some APRS DX can just logon to the CQSRVR using
the completely generic CQ CQ CQ and exchange messages with
anyone else so logged on...

All you do is send a message to CQSRVR and then put CQ CQ CQ
text.... In the message as detailed here:

You have to use three CQ's to make it work.  The first CQ is a
trigger telling the CQSRVR to log you onto a CQ group matching
the following word.  In this case another CQ.  The THIRD CQ is
needed because CQSRVR arbitrarily strips off the first two
before it sends it outward to everyone else.  SO the third one
is required so that the recepients know how it got to them in
the first place.

Try it.  Maybe Pete (the Author of CQSRVR) would comment if for
some reason this will not work...


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