[aprssig] AGWTracker and Database Logging

(SV2AGW)George Rossopoulos sv2agw at raag.org
Sat Sep 20 02:01:39 CDT 2008


I am preparing the new release. Among others will have the ability to Log to
a database server. MS SqlServer and Access database files.
The table schema is
SqlCommand.Format(_T("Create Table tracks (\
	n_id numeric(10,0) identity NOT NULL,\
	dt_datetime datetime NULL,\
	v_station_type  nvarchar(50) NULL,\
	v_call_from     nvarchar(15) NULL,\
	v_call_to       nvarchar(15) NULL,\
	v_path          nvarchar(100) NULL,\
	v_lat           nvarchar(15) NULL,\
	n_lat           numeric(10,5) NULL,\
	v_lng           nvarchar(15) NULL,\
	n_lng           numeric(10,5) NULL,\
	v_height        nvarchar(15) NULL,\
	n_height        numeric(10,3) NULL,\
	v_speed         nvarchar(15) NULL,\
	n_speed         numeric(10,3) NULL,\
	v_course        nvarchar(15) NULL,\
	n_course        numeric(10,2) NULL,\
	v_status_text   nvarchar(250) NULL,\
	v_beacon_text   nvarchar(250) NULL,\
	v_packet_header nvarchar(250) NULL,\
	v_packet_data   nvarchar(250) NULL,\
	v_message_data  nvarchar(250) NULL,\
	v_radioport     nvarchar(250) NULL,\
	constraint pk_tracks primary key (n_id));"));

The Character Fields are Unicode. Also some fields are both in Text and
numeric format (Lattitude etc).
If you think that need to add/remove a field PSE tell me.


(SV2AGW) George Rossopoulos
Nikanoros 59
GR-54250, Thessaloniki

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