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Matt Murphy matt.kc8bew at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 07:40:06 CDT 2008

Stephen H. Smith wrote:
>So what does all this have to do with APRS.???

This program is a dispatching program that integrates the normal dispatching
needs with APRS.  Google maps are used to show locations of stations to
better dispatch during an emergency/event.  Although this program can be
used for day to day dispatching needs, using active APRS mapping should make
emergencies or events run smother.

I have been trying it out this software and like its adaptability to an ARES
application.  The maps integration allows us to need only 1 computer as
opposed to 2 having APRS on one and dispatching on another.  There is not
need to try an clutter the operator location with monitors or have several
programs running on one computer flipping back and forth.  Tickets uses a
web interface to access a mysql database so if you prefer Linux to windows,
no problem.

Having said all that, if you want 2-way communication via APRS then Tickets
will not work.  It is only designed with receive capabilities.

Having it open source works well too.  I was having difficulty and was able
to talk to Arnie and get my issue taken care of quickly.  From that
discussion, changes were made and updates posted the next day.


Matt Murphy

NEW Muskingum County ARES EC
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