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[aprssig] APRS CQ

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Sep 24 02:11:27 UTC 2008

> The messages after the first (the one which 
> sets up the group) will appear to come from 
> the originator, not the server, except that 
> the message is prefixed with the group name, 
> CQ in this case. right

Yes, but it will only have CQ in it if the sender put the duplicate CQ on the end.  That is why you need 3 (actuallly 4)CQ's... 
1) The first is a required Keyword to trigger the server

2) The second is the name of the "group" you are calling

3) The third and forth are DUPLICATES of the first two so that the receipent sees WHY the message was sent.  Because Pete's CQSRVR strips off the original CQ and GROUP so the message arrives without any CLUE why you got it.

I argued and argued with Pete that the intent of the CQSRVR idea was to deliver the CQ XXXX .... message INTACT, so that the recepient saw exactly what the sender sent and so that he could tell what GROUP he was in.

That is why you have to type "CQ JOTA CQ JOTA comment" because Pete's implementation strips off the original "CQ JOTA".  Yet you want it to arrive as a CQ JOTA message... 

So I gave up arguing, and just recommend that everyone type everything twice to avoid recepients receiving CQ XXXXXX messages out of the blue but with the CQ XXXXXX stripped off so they make no sense.

>This is starting to make sense.  

>  The server only tells you how many 
> have "logged-in" to the server. 


> Logged in is in the sense that they "Sent 
> a message" to the server and the same group.  
> These messages... go direct to all stations 
> previously logged-in.  So, ..

Everyone sees every message of everyone that logs in AFTER he does.

>Have I got it?


> I saw the 4 CQ messages also and had a QSO...
> I'm wondering what the message "Sending too
> soon to CQ means.

You can only send one every 30 minutes.  (to keep from flooding the world...

Bob, Wb4APR

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