[aprssig] APRS CQ

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Sep 23 22:11:16 CDT 2008

> Logged in is in the sense that they "Sent
> a message" to the server and the same group. 
> These messages... go direct to all stations
> previously logged-in.  So, ..
> Everyone sees every message of everyone 
> that logs in AFTER he does. 
>> Wait a minute, you mean that all three 
>> people saw my conversation with NY3J?  
>> Or does it only broadcast messages sent 
>> to CQSRVR as CQ CQ <more text here>?

Yes, and you can only do that once every 30 minutes (though you remain logged on for I think it is 12 or 24 hours).  It is a CQ server only, after that, you have to communicate directly with the others that have called CQ.  It is only a way of "finding" like  minded stations in real time.  From then on it is normal APRS messaging...

Bob, Wb4APR
>   Lynn (D) -KJ4ERJ (-12 for this CQSRVR test)
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