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[aprssig] AGWTracker Pocket update (Beta)

(SV2AGW)George Rossopoulos sv2agw at raag.org
Wed Sep 24 13:19:01 UTC 2008


unzip and replace the executable.

Various bugs fixed, among them
Changed the Message View now the keyboard does not obstacle the text field
When connect to APRS Server over Internet the monitor window displays the
server response.
When receives new stations draw them correctly
In the GPS View the compass does not flash anymore
Now the map files MUST be inside the Maps directory, When you try to open a
new map the file list displays only maps inside the Maps directory.
Saves/Restores correctly the Map views.


(SV2AGW) George Rossopoulos
Nikanoros 59
GR-54250, Thessaloniki

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