[aprssig] Proper DIGI Path

Duane Whittingham n9ssn at arrl.net
Thu Sep 25 13:14:52 CDT 2008

Great, looks like i had it right but wanted to be sure. thanks.

And if it works you can see me head to the TAPR DCC tomm morning ;)

Will be N9SSN-9

Duane - N9SSN

At 01:04 PM 9/25/2008, Stephen H. Smith wrote:
Duane Whittingham wrote:
Hi, I just got my tiny tracker 3 and it wired and ready to go.

What is the proper digi path, wide etc  I know ive seen some changes over time.



The standard path for use in North America is:

Mobiles:     WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1

Fixed Stations    WIDE2-1

Full details on paths and how they work here:

"APRS 101"  Explanation of APRS Path Selection & Digipeating


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