[aprssig] Operator Present Bit

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Sep 25 21:47:01 CDT 2008

> It looks like UI-View users could e.g. 
> use the "numbered circle" symbol
> (or any of the other "numbered" symbols) 
> with an "O" overlay to indicate
> an operator present.

Yes, for years we wanted to use the CASE of the N/S byte to
indicate operator present.  But unitl someone re-wrote Uiview,
we would never see their operator status.  So recently, we added
the O OVERLAY idea.  But then again, if it is not automatic when
the person enters the room and touches the PC and then decays
off when the person leaves the operator position, then it is a
worthless capablity.

Unless someone can figure out how to add it as an add-on.  THen
it (to me) is one of the most important features in helping APRS
facilitate human communication...


> Of course, to be meaningful, the user would have to remove the
> overlay if they were going to step away from the keyboard for
> than a moment.
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