[aprssig] Operator Present Bit

Mark Cheavens mcheavens at usa.net
Thu Sep 25 23:05:20 CDT 2008

Write an add-on that looks at the screen saver mode. (And/Or monitor 
power saver).

Have it change the overlay and send a beacon whenever the state of 
the screen saver or power mode changes.

At 09:47 PM 9/25/2008, you wrote:
> > It looks like UI-View users could e.g.
> > use the "numbered circle" symbol
> > (or any of the other "numbered" symbols)
> > with an "O" overlay to indicate
> > an operator present.
>Yes, for years we wanted to use the CASE of the N/S byte to
>indicate operator present.  But unitl someone re-wrote Uiview,
>we would never see their operator status.  So recently, we added
>the O OVERLAY idea.  But then again, if it is not automatic when
>the person enters the room and touches the PC and then decays
>off when the person leaves the operator position, then it is a
>worthless capablity.
>Unless someone can figure out how to add it as an add-on.  THen
>it (to me) is one of the most important features in helping APRS
>facilitate human communication...
> >
> > Of course, to be meaningful, the user would have to remove the
> > overlay if they were going to step away from the keyboard for
> > than a moment.
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