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[aprssig] No More Mobile APRS In California

Andy Cunningham andycwb at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 06:11:24 UTC 2008

Michael wrote:
> This will make it expensive for delivery drivers who use a computer 
> aided dispatch system while mobile. I presume cab companies in CA use 
> similar technology for fare dispatch info as well. What about the police 
> and their in-car terminals... I suppose they will be exempt and immune 
> to prosecution.
> This also impacts D-Star with it's 20 character in-band message that 
> gets transmitted and received all the time. What about FM RDS and 
> satellite radio receivers in the dash of virtually every car in CA, 
> these are wireless devices and I'm sure their text displays are just as 
> distracting?
> I just hope Australia doesn't follow too closely... I like my HamHUD 
> display.
> Michael.
I wonder if they've written up the small print in anything like the UK 
where to make the ban specific to mobile phones they've specified the 
frequencies the device transmits on in the legislation.  Here, I can be 
fined for holding a mobile phone in my hand when the engine is running, 
even if the vehicle is stationary.  But I can use a radio mic, or hand 
held radio and can only be stopped if it can be proven I'm not in 
control of the vehicle.

The legislation is poorly understood by the police though, and I know a 
few people have been pulled over for using a radio so I generally try to 
keep the mic out of the way if I see a police car - no sense tempting 
fate given the war on motoring being waged by the UK government.


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