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[aprssig] APRS Open Spec

Arnie Shore 3ashore at Comcast.net
Sun Sep 28 17:06:36 UTC 2008

 From a lurker here:

IMO, the Internet RFC process is a well-proven one for accomplishing 
what you folks have been discussing here.  (See 

Rather than a free-for-almost-all edit process, it calls for an editor 
to be named, who will be the central collector of proposed changes, and 
who go through a defined process for approval before making the 
revisions for voting upon. 

While it's true that the process's development preceded the wide 
availability of collaboration tools like wiki's, the principles of a 
rigorous change process can help ensure that all proposals are given due 
consideration and thus will lend authority to the resulting product.

Recommended for consideration,


Chris Kantarjiev wrote:
> My ocncern with using the wiki would be that it doesn't really
> allow the kind of markup that will be wanted in the final version,
> and that the wiki is a really tempting target for poisoning by
> spammers.
> I'd suggest, instead, a collaborative on-line editor like BuzzWord
> (buzzword.acrobat.com), with some level of controlled write access
> and regular dumps of the document to the APRS wiki.
> 73 de chris K6DBG
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