[aprssig] No More Mobile APRS In California

Ron Wenig rwenig at verizon.net
Mon Sep 29 07:16:47 CDT 2008

With all the talk about cell phone bans around the country I was wondering
why someone hasn't picked up the ball and offer hands-free microphone setups
for mobile ham radios.  Yasue has blue tooth but it doesn't look like a good
setup.  Pryme has a bunch of speaker/microphone headsets but they look like
they are for HTs.  Pryme used to have a microphone that you attached to your
sun visor but I don't see that in the HRO catalog any more.  This sounds
like it would be a good money maker for the manufacturers or a private
entrepreneur to come out with a good hands free microphone with cables.

73, Ron ny3j

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> This is why the Truckers now have CB radios with BlueTooth installed, so
> they can use the mic to talk on their cellphones.  Now tell me how that
> is better for the general public, They are still on the cellphones but
> now it looks like they are talking on the CB ALL THE TIME>>>>
> Jealous of a trucker --- well how many ham radio have bluetooth
> capability built-in...  amazing we're on hind tit again..
> Ko4Lloyd
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> http://www.opsi.gov.uk/si/si2003/20032695.htm
> Briefly, it status that you can't use a "hand held mobile telephone or a
> hand held device of a kind specified... [as] a device other than a two
> way radio which .. transmits and receives data", and gone on to specify
> a two way radio as a device operating on a ferequency other than the
> mobile phone bands.
> Andy
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