[aprssig] No More Mobile APRS In California

Mark Earle wa2mct at mearle.com
Mon Sep 29 08:27:51 CDT 2008

> they are for HTs.  Pryme used to have a microphone that you attached to your
> sun visor but I don't see that in the HRO catalog any more.  This sounds
> 73, Ron ny3j
I lived in Tokyo in the late 70's. It was very common to see the 
mic-on-visor, and a switch mounted to the gearshift. The driver could 
operate "hands free" as it were. This was for both commercial and 
amateur radios. I ran such a set up in my sports car for a time; except 
using a throat mic. I could talk, shift gears, etc. No problem. Haven't 
seen that type of kit offered here (U.S.) in years, though.

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