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[aprssig] How to deal with DTMF keypad differences between manufacturers

F5SMZ Jean-Philippe f5smz at wanadoo.fr
Tue Sep 30 07:11:21 UTC 2008

Hi all,
prototyping the APRStt engine with a soundcard on Windows XX lead me to this situation during the various tests.
Entering the callsign with the Kenwood DTMF keypad is OK, following the APRStt spec with my TH-D7. But when I want to use my "old" FT-470 from Yaesu, my "1" is "empty", QZ are elsewhere (identical as my GSM), e.g "7" and "9" keys are hosting 4 different letters!; so I'm currently wandering how to deal with that, as tones doesn't reflect kenwood's ones.
Another issue, was the testing of "long" callsign DTMF strings, where we can easily goes up to 18 DTMF digits in normal mode, obviously not in hashing mode; but various tested TRX have only 15 to 16 DTMF digits memories.

73, Jean-philippe, F5SMZ 
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