[aprssig] OpenAPRS Direct Client Connection Interface (gogo gadgetsmart phones)

Dave Baxter Dave at emv.co.uk
Tue Sep 30 08:51:18 CDT 2008

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 I'm very excited to announce a new concept feature from OpenAPRS.  As
everyone already knows, cell phones are here to stay and most of the
smart phones have GPS support built into them and a nifty little SDK to
develop applications for them.  So why not develop applications that
will make use of these features in a way that only HAMs can appreciate?
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Sadly, Nokia want a lot of money for their SDK for their phones.  Or
like you, I'd have done something for my 6110 Navigator.
The only other option is one of the many hacks that are about, but the
last time I tried a "Third party" app like that, it "bricked" my phone
(then a 6230)  But I had seen it working on other peoples similar
phones, and it was listed as a compatible device.
Interestingly, Nokia do list that part of the 6110 uses a lot of "open
source" code.  But though there is a contact email to get a CD of what's
needed, I never get a reply, or a disk.
Personal contacts within that organisation also failed to elicit such a
CD either!
Dave G0WBX
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